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Baobab Tour, Boa Vista

Cabo Verde Express

Giggling Gecko Adventures


Santa Marilha Horse Excursions

Sawadee Travels

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines




B&B Criola, Boa Vista

B&B Sakaroulé, Sal

Casa Colonial, Mindelo

Clubhotel Riu Garopa, Sal

Decameron Resort, Boa Vista

Hotel Oasis Atlantico

Migrante Guesthouse

Sal Beach Club

Spinguera Ecolodge, Boa Vista


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CIA Factbook Cape Verde

Consulate Cape Verde

Internetcafe's & Wifi in Cape Verde

Cape Verdean organisations

Cape Verdean Americans

Cape Verde Travel Guide

Cape Verde Forum

Map Cape Verde

Request a Visa for Cape Verde

Statistical Office

The Weather in Cape Verde

Turtles SOS

Vaccinations Cape Verde



Archeological museum Praia

Botanic garden, Sal

Buracona - Olho Azul, Sal

Fontona oase, Sal

Museu da Tabanka, Santiago

Pedra Lume zoutmeer, Sal


Sal Rei, Boa Vista

Serra Malagueta National park

Sucupira market (Santiago)

Viana desert, Boa Vista

Volcano Pico de Fogo

Whales spotting, Boa Vista


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Ate Mange, Boa Vista

Cape Verdean Recipes

Palm Beach Sal

Punto d'Incontro, Praia

Restaurant Cretcheu, Sal

Restaurant Leila, Fogo

Restaurant Guide



Baardwijk's Worldview


Expedition globe

Photos Fogo

Photos Sucupira market

Photos Cape Verdean Islands

Webcam Sal


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Cabo Verda Musicas

Cesária Évora

Dating Cape Verde


Funaná en Morna music

Gil Semedo


Wakan Bar, Boa Vista



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Atlantic Rent a Car

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Ferries Cape Verde

Jetaway car hire, Santiago

Nelson Mandela Airport Praia

Taxi Airport-Resort



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Abraão Vicente

Cape Verdean mourning rituals

Discovery of Cape Verde

History Cape Verde

Travel Guide Cape Verde 1920



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Cabo Real Estate

Cape Verde Property

Cape Verde Property Portal

Housing Cabo Verde

Nôscasa, Sal

Propertyshowrooms Sal

Santa Monica Resort & Spa




Agro-Business Sector Cabo Verde

Banco de Cabo Verde


Credit Management Cape Verde

Exchange Cape Verde

Foreign Trade in Cape Verde

Office support

Rate of exchange Cape Verde


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Cape Verdean Alphabet

Cape Verdean Creole

Creole language Cape Verde

Portuguese online

Say it in Crioulo



Health advice Cape Verde

Hospital Central da Praia

Hospital Sal

WHO KCape Verde

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. Villas and apartments

. Apartments Boa Vista

. Ca' Nicola, Sal Rei

. Holiday Rentals Cape Verde

. Maio Fishing Club apartments

. Ponta do Sol, Santo Antão

. Praia Baixo Aparthotel, Santiago

. Proatlantic apartments, Sal

. Villa ao Mar, Sal


. Barlavento Islands

. Boa Vista

. Branco

. Razo

. Sal

. Santa Luzia

. Santo Antão

. São Nicolau

. São Vicente


. Sotavento Islands

. Brava

. Fogo

. Maio

. Rombo-Islands

. Santiago

. Sports/ Watersports/ Beaches

. Kitesurfing

. Manta Diving Center

. Ponta Preta Beach, Sal

. Praia de Chaves, Boa Vista

. Santa Monica Beach, Boa Vista

. Sea Turtle Catamarans

. Surf Zone Cabo Verde

. Surfing near Ponta Preta (Sal)

. Sea Fishing from Maio

. Ultramarathon Boa Vista


. Religion

. Church history

. Catholic Churches Cape Verde

. Jews at Cape Verde

. Nazarene Church, Sal

. Nossa Senhora da Graça, Santiago

. Religion Cape Verde


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. Africanidade

. Cape Verdean tv online

. Cape Verdean news

. Radio Cabo Verde International

. Radio Nova

. Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana

. Visão News


. Government and Non-profit

. Cape Verde for Life

. Cabinet Cape Verde

. Delta Cultura

. Relations Neth. - Cape Verde

. Statistical Office


. Shopping

. 3RSAL, Sal

. Art D’Cretcheu, São Vicente

. D-Concept Design, Praia

. Praia Shopping

Information Cape Verde A-Z

Cape Verde has a range of accommodation. On Sal and Boa Vista are luxury resorts, guesthouses and everything in between. On the other islands the accommodation is simpler.
The capital of Cape Verde is Praia, on the island Santiago.
Especially the Carnival in Mindelo is famous for its exuberance. Carnival 2017 wil be: 26th February. The parties and parades begin several weeks before the official carnival.
The name Cape Verde comes from the location of the islands: Green Cape, the westernmost point of the African continent near Senegal.
Cape Verde is divided into 2 geographic regions: the Northern Island Group an the Southern Island Group.
The tap water is not drinkable in Cape Verde. Use suncreen with a high factor. The level of helath care is significantly lower than in Europe. Protect yourself against mosquitoes; Malaria is rarely, but there is dengue fever and even the first cases of Zika virus actually. Vaccinationas are not required. Recommendable are vaccinations against typhoid, DTP and hepatitis A.
Cape Verde was one of the poorest countries in the world. but by the growing tourism economy grew by 8 to 10 percent annually in recent years.
Cape Verde ha s voltage of 220 V (50 Hertz). European plugs with 2 pins can be used.
Most hotels in Cape Verde has wifi, often paid. In most places there is free wifi araound the main square.
Portuguese is the official languagel in Cape Verde. The other language is Crioulo (Cape Verdean Creole).
Cape Verde has the Cape Verdean escudo (CVE), this is indicated with a dollar sign behind the amount. On Sal and Boa Vista they also eccept the euro. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere in Cape Verde.
From the UK dialling Sal looks like this  --00238-- international code for SAL then 997 3499, (it looks like this in Cape Verde).
A tip of 5 to 10 % of the bill is common in restaurants, for excursion staff and other personal services. Tipping is not customary for taxi drivers in Cape Verde.
Cape Verde requires a visa, which is valid for 30 days. Most travel agencies arrange this for you, you'll receive a stamp in your passport on arrival. Your passport must be valid for 6 months upon arrival in Cape Verde.

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